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Welcome to Stone Mountain Private Investigations PC

a Veteran Owned and Operated discreet service Helping those in need. Remember "He Said She Said" Doesn't work in Court.

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Reviews 5 Stars from Previous work



Brian R.

Local Guide·191 reviews·28 photos

Served papers within hours of me giving them to him. Also, these guys video every time they serve someone and provide you a copy of the video via email. First class operation, will be using them in the future.


Joshua K.

20 reviews

Great experience, Scott Steinberg is your man if it absolutely must be handled quickly, discreetly, and professionally. An honest straight shooter who goes above and beyond for his clients. Thanks Scott!


Response from the owner7 months ago

Very much appreciate the great review. As always it's are pleasure.


Jaclyn Z.

Local Guide·15 reviews·16 photos

Very quick, professional, friendly and extremely easy to work with. Have used his services several times and would highly recommend.


Ken M.

3 reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very pleased. Scott ******** and his hard work to get me all I needed in my case. I would definitely use them again if I had to, very friend and hard working service thank you for all your hard work.


Patricia F.

2 reviews

Scott ********* did an fabulous job on my case. I had expected my husband was having an affair for over a year. Scott went over and beyond to catch him and his girlfriend together. He also did this in one day. Scott has video proof. Thank to his hard work I now have my home and my ex has to leave my home by Sunday. Now I can live free life. Scott was diligent and discreet. I cant thank him enough. If you have a slight thought that your husband/wife is having an affair I highly highly recommend Scott to do the job. I cant thank him enough. Now I can leave a normal life after being married for 34 years. Thanks again Scott



4 reviews

Scott was amazing and performed a process service for me in a very timely fashion. It was a difficult one and he got it done. Video proof/affidavit signed quickly. Highly recommend!!


Joe D.

2 reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

You know red flag happen and I got concerned. Every time I had to work out of town she had to go away too for a meeting. So spoke with the PI to get eyes on and see if she'd actually be doing what she told me. Well results were I was just worrying too much. They showed me what she was doing and whom she was with. I hated I had those concerns but I'd been burnt in the past and got the answers. Now I can move on with the cloud gone off my head. I recommend these guys for sure. Wasn't a snow job with just words I saw the video and pics. Hated to do it but what a relief. Highly recommend. Discretion is assured believe me.

David H.

5 reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Excellent quality of service, very dependable, and informative. The process of serving papers to someone who doesn't want to be found can be a difficult one and we expected the worse but that was not the case with. The papers were served almost immediately after they were received which helped to expedite the entire process


Lori B.

5 reviews

Swift, reliable and professional. Will definitely use them again!


Aleksandra M.

7 reviews·2 photos

Very professional, honest and fast! You will get what you have been promised. Thank you!

About Us

What exactly is a private detective? An investigator? An Investigator for hire? Many individuals have a specific perspective on what a Confidential Specialist is. While Hollywood and Secret creators might draw near to what a confidential examiner is, they scarcely address the fine subtleties that make an Investigator who they or what they do.

To obtain accurate information about a situation, subject, or object, a private detective employs a variety of surveillance and investigative techniques. They must have excellent observational skills, a sharp eye, and an analytical mind. Investigators as a rule work all day all alone or under confidential examination firms. Some work with police divisions or different associations and are authorized to rehearse in their condition of the business.

While a private investigator's services may vary depending on the industry or case they are working on, their skill sets are similar. These abilities that are called upon are uncovering proof and realities, investigating data, and giving proof to their clients. Regardless of the profession way or specialization of a confidential examiner, they should have the option to assemble and break down the data they recuperated.

Some areas of expertise for private investigators include:


  • In-House Investigations

  • Infidelity Investigations

  • Child Custody Investigations

  • Surveillance Investigations

  • Undercover Investigations

  • National Background Reports

  • Missing Persons Investigations

Private investigator do more than follow an unfaithful spouse/partner. Many industries demand the skills and expertise of a licensed & experienced private investigator. Investigators are in high demand in many areas. Many private investigators will specialize in specific areas. Some areas may include:

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Tenant Investigations

  • Elderly Abuse Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Loss and Prevention for retail

  • Personal protection/Security

  • Cyber Investigations

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Online Dating Investigations 

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Due Diligence Investigations

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P.O. Box 2032

Myrtle Beach, SC 29578


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